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Grower's Choice Red Night Bloomer

Plant Description

Grower's Choice Red Night Bloomers are red, medium to large, annual waterlilies from our night blooming collection. Let us choose for you! We will send the nicest, red, night blooming annual waterlily available on the day of your shipment! How can this vary day to day? In spring and summer we get large orders which deplete our stock and we are constantly planting up new lilies. Many folks ask for something big or the nicest we have. That can vary from week to week, in regard to the size of the plant.

Now, for a slight discount, you can have the plant which is looking the best in that color spectrum the day we pack your order. This option is also great for winter orders when we have a limited  number of blooming size plants and are not able to update the availability list while we are focusing on spring planting. There are almost always some lilies up and blooming here in winter and if you are a South Florida or Hawaii resident and want to plant waterlilies in October to February-- this will be the best direction to go.   



Planting Instructions

Plant your annual waterlily in a wide, shallow container using loam soil or aquatic planting media. Place your annual waterlily in full sun, 1 foot beneath the surface of the water. Fertilize monthly with a slow release fertilizer like Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs + Humates or Fertilize your waterlily for 80 - 90 days with Landon Granular Fertilizer.

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