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Artificial Waterlilies & Lotus (Ponds with large koi or special events

Artificial Waterlilies & Lotus (Ponds with large koi or special events)

The real options for ponds with large koi. Koi fish eat plants and love digging up virgin soil and newly planted plants. A full grown 24-36 inch koi can break off leaves and more. In this case imitation waterlilies may be the only waterlily suitable for a pond. 

Also for events, Weddings, specials occasions of cultural importance. Waterlilies and Lotus are not going to be found at any florist shop for purchase. A cut flower like a rose, iris, or tulip will stay open for many days. Lilies and lotus open in the morning with the sun and close part way through the day. They wont be of any luck inside and cannot be shipped fast enough for use as they only open about 3 days for the lilies and maybe 4 for a lotus flower. After being cut a lotus self seals where the wound on the stem is and withers rapidly. Imitation silk lilies and lotus can come in handy when you want the appearance of the special plant at the location of an event. 

We have both imitation floating Waterlilies as well as imitation Lotus and Waterlilies on long stems.
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9" Imitation Waterlily Pad With 3 Waterlily Blooms (Bright Fuschia Pink) Beautiful 9" Lily Pads with 3 attached waterlilies float magically across the surface of the water adding color and excitement to your water garden setting. Great when used when real waterlilies are impractical or unavailable. Made of durable synthetic,...
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9" Imitation Waterlily Pad With 3 Waterlilies (Creamy White) Beautiful Imitation Waterlily Pad With 3 Waterlilies attached to the pad! Add some lively interest to your water feature with these lovely, imitation lily pads with three lovely waterlily flowers attached to the floating lily pad. Made of durable synthetic, measures...
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Artificial/Imitation Lotus Seed pod on long, 29" Stem Realistic, imitation lotus seed pods are beautiful when used in arrangements. Perfect in table top arrangements or centerpieces and excellent when added to floral displays with lotus blooms! Great for events or displays where real seed pods are unavailable or impractical.  Imitation...
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Save 7%
Bright Yellow Imitation 6.5" Floating Waterlily and LilypadLovely, faux waterlilies are great for events such as parties, showers, wedding receptions, etc.--any place you need a floating flower, where real, live waterlilies are impossible or impractical! Great to place in pools or ponds to add beauty and a whimsical touch! Pretty...
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Faux Small Creamy-White Imitation Waterlily with Bud (4") Creamy-white, faux waterlilies above green pads, our smallest Imitation Waterlily for indoor displays, events, weddings, showers, receptions, etc. Any situation where live waterlilies are not a good option. Beautiful when placed in round glass, bubble containers, in brandy snifters or large punch...
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Save 4%
Faux White Imitation 7"  WaterlilyGreat for events, showers, weddings or any event where faux waterlilies are needed and where live waterlilies are not practical. Sold only as a flower. No pads, stems or leaves, just the flower on this item. Beautiful when arranged in glass bowls, glass bubbles, arranged at...
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Artificial Waterlily, Pink Imitation 7" Floating Waterlily, Single FlowerGreat for any event, indoors or outdoors, for weddings, showers or any place an artificial waterlily is needed and where live waterlilies are impractical.  So very lovely for bridal showers, engagement parties, etc. when placed on mirrors, in crystal bubble containers, in crystal...
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Save 7%
Pink Imitation 6.5" Floating Waterlily and LilypadPink Imitation Waterlily is great for events such as showers or weddings as a floating flower. Beautiful when used in large crystal punch bowls as an arrangement, lying flat on mirrors or in brandy snifters. Faux waterlilies may be used any place where it is...
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27 Inch Lotus/Waterlily Stems  Heavenly, creamy-white, silk waterlily/lotus blooms have soft-yellow centers, are 7 and 1/2 inches across on green, 27 inch stems. These elegant flowers will help you to create memorable arrangements and bouquets for your special day! Much prettier than what is offered in the local craft stores....
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27 Inch Lotus/Waterlily in Deep-Pink With Pale-Yellow Centers Delightful, deep-pink, silk lotus/waterlily blooms have pale-yellow centers and green, 27" stems. Flowers measure 7 1/2 inches across. These lovely lotus/waterlily silk flowers will help you to create dreamy, memorable arrangements and bouquets for your special day! So much prettier than what...
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Artificial Lotus/Waterlily Blooms on 27 Inch, Green Stems Exquisite blooms fit for a Queen! Regal Waterlily/Lotus flowers in delicate shades of ivory with a hint of pale green in the center and measuring 7 1/2 inches across, with 27 inch green stems. These unique and unusual  blooms will help you...
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Fuchsia Imitation 6.5" Floating Waterlily and LilypadThis imitation waterlily is great for events, parties, weddings and showers--indoors or out, wherever a floating waterlily is needed. Adds a splash of color to pools and ponds outdoors and look incredible in large crystal punch bows or brandy snifters indoors on reception tables....
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Creamy-white, imitation, 6.5" Floating Waterlily and Lilypad Beautiful, creamy-white faux waterlilies on a lilypad are perfect for events, weddings, parties and celebrations as a floating flower. These imitation waterlilies are great to use when real, live waterlilies are impractical or impossible. Great in the background in ponds for your wedding...
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