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Zebra Rush is a perennial grass that will add some excitement and textural interest to your water garden feature with the horizontal, green and white stripes and the lush, grass-like foliage. Stunning when planted in mass around the edge of a lake or pond.  Grows 4 - 6 feet tall with a running spread and looks great in terrestrial gardens as well as in the bog area of your pond! Zebra Rush also looks great as a focal point when planted in containers and placed in your pond! Simply place your container in water with a few inches of water above the pot. Zebra Rush is native to eastern Asia and can be found throughout China, Japan, Taiwan as well as Korea. Looks amazing when grown in containers and placed on your balcony, patio, terrace or deck! 

Height  4 - 6 feet tall

Spread  2 - 3 foot Spread

Sunlight Requirements  Full sun to part shade

Moisture Requirements moist soil or wet with 0 - 6 inches of water above the roots

Zone  Hardy in zones 5 - 11



Zebra Rush may be grown in containers or fabric planters (Zebra Rush needs a large container as it grows quickly, make sure to give it plenty of room) using heavy, loam soil and place container in your pond with 0 - 6 inches of water over the roots, in full sun to part shade. Zebra Rush adds a vertical element where height is needed and adds texture and interest as well. Grows 4 - 6 feet tall. Zebra Rush may also be planted in your bog or terrestrial garden by planting in moist, heavy, loam soil in full sun to part shade.

 *When growing your Zebra Rush as a pond plant, fertilize with Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs throughout the growing months.  

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