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Oase Easy Pick Up 'Pond Pliers'

Easy Pick Up pond pliers, Reaches 4 to 6 feet!


    • Long-reaching telescopic grip for convenient pond maintenance
    • Extend your reach to over 6 feet to remove pond debris or adjust small items
    • Convenient gripping heads for different objects 
    • Ergonomic Trigger Grip Handle with Lock
    • Sliding Shaft Grip
    • 3-Step Telescopic Shaft (locks into place at approximately 4 feet , 5 feet, & 6 foot intervals)
    • Internal Linkage Mechanism (disengages when collapsed to extend reliable use)
    • Limited Warranty: 2 years

      Select the desired length for your OASE EasyPick Pond Pliers to best suit the task at hand. Depress the Shaft Lock and slide the Telescopic Shaft until it 'Clicks' into place. There are three preset locking positions to choose from. Squeeze trigger grip handle to grab object.

  • We have seen plenty of pick up tools over the years. Most certainly fail to impress us with what they can really do. This is the first tool we would consider a very nice quality for the pond.

  • Reach debris, adjust small pots or small stones in the water without having to be in the water. 

  • These long reaching pliers have tight rubber grabbers to hold on to many different items. 

  • With rubberized grippers, the Oase Easy Pick Pond Pliers firmly grasps branches, stems, leaves, as well as foreign objects that sometimes fall into the pond. The comfortable ergonomic grip and the telescopic handle enables convenient work from distances of up to 6.5 feet from the object.
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