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Clyde Ikins Hardy Waterlily is simply one of the very best waterlilies we sell! Clyde Ikins Waterlily has large, beautiful flowers in sumptuous shades of yellow on young plants to orange-peach and apricot-pink on mature plants. Petals are perfectly shaped and Clyde Ikins Waterlily forms exquisite, perfectly shaped blooms on this lovely specimen! CLYDE IKINS WATERLILY IS A HEAVY BLOOMER!
This excellent specimen blooms and blooms and blooms.
Blooms on Clyde Ikins Waterlily are 4 - 6 inches across and have a strong fragrance.
Lily pads on Clyde Ikins Waterlily are olive to green with a hint of mottling.   


Plant in wide, 16 inch containers using heavy loam soil, place 1 - 3 feet beneath the surface of the water in full sun (4+ hours) per day. Fertilize with a slow release fertilizer like Landon's Granular Fertilizer OR Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs + Humates.

Clyde Ikins Waterlily is one of the most dependable waterlilies we have ever carried and will do exceptionally in any pond. Remember--once a container is overgrown with rhizomes it will need to be divided and placed in new soil and fertilized-- to continue blooming. A properly planted, happy waterlily will bloom every day from June 1 to October. 

We suggest planting winter hardy waterlilies once the water is consistently 62 - 65 degrees or better in spring. You can plant anytime during the summer months.  
Plant no later in the year than 4 - 5 weeks before the first frost. 

Fertilize during the growing/blooming season as waterlilies are very heavy feeders!

We recommend and sell Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs+Humates as well as Landon's Granular Fertilizer for optimum growth and best bloom!

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