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Crazy Pom Pom Waterlily  will add color and texture to your pond or water feature this year!
Crazy Pom Pom Waterlily has rich, ruffled, bright-pink flowers with a heavy petal count.
This HEAVY BLOOMER is sure to become a customer favorite with its lush, full blooms and bright-pink coloration! Another amazing waterlily from award winning hybridizer, Tony Moore.

Plant Crazy Pom Pom Waterlily in full sun, 1 - 2 feet beneath the surface of the water, in heavy loam soil.
We suggest a container 16 inches wide,  to prevent quick overcrowding of the pot. Crazy Pom Pom grows beautifully in natural bottom ponds! Just push Crazy Pom Pom waterlily plants directly into the mud of your natural bottom pond, 1 - 2 feet beneath the surface of the water. (Make sure to watch our Hardy Waterlily planting videos!)

Fertilize every three weeks for magnificent blooms and healthy plants. We recommend and sell Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs + Humates for optimum growth, best bloom and ease of use. Simply press the fertilizer tabs into the soil near the roots of your lotus, taking care not to damage the roots.

*Deep South Customers, please note, during the summertime when the water temperatures at the bottom of the pond are well above 75 degrees Fahrenheit, plants in the Pom Pom Series, like Crazy Pom Pom, may stop blooming at those temperatures. It is called a summer dormancy period. 

*Remember, once a container is overgrown with rhizomes it will need divided and placed in new soil to continue blooming. A properly planted, happy waterlily will bloom every day from June 1 to October. 

*We suggest planting winter hardy waterlilies once the water is consistently 62-65 degrees or better in spring. You can plant anytime during the summer months.  
Plant no later in the year than 4-5 weeks before the first frost. 

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