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Lava Walk Hardy Waterlily is a medium sized, hardy waterlily that is free flowering. It is considered a 'sport' or mutation of the parent plants. Flowers are yellow with pink markings and striations and pads are mottled. The pink markings and striations in the petals are heavier than on the Paranee Hardy Waterlily. This is a lovely and unusual waterlily. Each flower is unique. Siam Fantasy is even deeper in pink, 

Plant your Lava Walk Hardy Waterlily in loam soil using a wide, shallow container. Never use rocks or stones to plant your waterlilies--as rocks and stones will hinder their growth. Place the container 12 - 18 inches beneath the surface of the water, in full sun. You may place your waterlily in up to 24 inches of water once it is established. Fertilize your waterlilies once a month with fertilizer tabs


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