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Paranee Waterlily Plant Description

Paranee Waterlily, the wonderful, new, heavy blooming, winter hardy waterlily is here! We are growing hundreds of the Paranee Waterlilies for the 2020 season and we do not feel we will sell out of this particular water lily, or it should at least be available for some time in the spring. 

Paranee Waterlily is a bright, beautiful, sunny-yellow waterlily with lots of flowers, the lower petals are streaked in deep-pink, making this a truly unique waterlily. Each flower is unique and unusual with variations in the streaking patterns on each bloom. This is one of the heaviest flowering water lilies we have seen in some time so the benefits of this plant are far reaching. Pads on this spectacular waterlily are 80 percent green with 20 percent mottling, adding interest to this stunning specimen!

Paranee Waterlily will do well in backyard ponds as well as earth bottom ponds. Paranee Waterlily multiplies readily and is very similar to its parent, Wanvisa, in growing habit.  Paranee Waterlily  and Wanvisa Waterlily  actually look incredible when paired next to one another in the pond. 

Planting Instructions

Plant in a 12 inch or wider container using loam soil. Place 12 - 15 inches beneath the surface of the water, in full sun.

Fertilizing Instructions

Fertilize monthly with pond tablets when planting in a container. Simply press 3 - 4 fertilizer tabs into the soil of your waterlily container for optimum growth and best bloom. Do this once each month throughout the growing and blooming season.

Pondmegastore Tip:

Never plant your waterlilies or pond plants in rocks or stones! Waterlilies, Lotus and Marginal Pond Plants should all be grown in loam soil.

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