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Nualgi helps to restore water clarity in your pond by helping to reduce algae growth. Nualgi works quickly and contains 12 essential elements that help to enhance the water quality of your pond while also helping to restore your ponds natural balance. Nualgi is easy to use and helps to control algae. Fish, pet, amphibian, bird and plant safe! Nualgi helps to create a healthy, clear, odor-free pond!

'Nualgi' has a nano silica base along with 12 essential elements which helps to restore your pond water quality along with reducing nuisance algae. This is a different approach to algae control. Nualgi is a seeding agent of DIATOMS. Diatoms are living organisms which consume much of the same waste product as algaes however, they do not use photosynthesis as algae does, so these living organisms are crystal clear to the naked eye instead of green. Nualgi helps promote growth of diatoms instead of algae in the water. 

Nualgi helps to improve the quality as well as clarity of the water by promoting diatom growth and zooplankton growth, which are invisible to the naked eye instead of algae which is pea green and highly visible!  Diatoms are a major group of microalgae and are some of the most common types of phytoplankton.

Nualgi may be used in lined ponds as well as pre-formed ponds, concrete ponds and earth bottom ponds. Nualgi helps to improve water quality along with helping to balance the nitrogen cycle and helps to reduce algae.

  • Nualgi helps to improve aquatic plant health and is safe for aquatic plants and water gardens.
  • Nualgi helps to improve fish health, reduce foul smelling water and starve nuisance algae.
  • Nualgi can be used in conjunction with beneficial bacteria.
  • UV filters should be unplugged before using Nualgi and kept off while using Nualgi.

*IMPORTANT NOTE If you have a pond that is overwhelmed with algae, you may first need to use an algaecide to kill the algae and remove it from the pond manually. A partial water change may be necessary as well. If you do need a partial water change, make sure you use a neutralizer for the chloramines and chlorine present in city water. Once the pond is clear, you can use Nualgi as a preventative.




60 ml treats 60,000 gallons

125 ml treats 125,000 gallons

1 L treats 1,000,000 gallons

*Follow dosing instructions

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