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2021 Sino American Excellence M330 Lotus will be a commanding presence in your water garden or pond. The breathtaking flowers are huge on this tall, changeable, single-petal lotus. The colors change from dark pink on the first day blooms to light pink and combinations of light pink and white on subsequent days throughout the bloom cycle.  An amazing, statuesque lotus that performs well in the pond or in large containers! The striking, dark-green foliage is the perfect backdrop to showcase the large flowers. 2021 Sino American Excellence M330 Lotus grows to four feet tall or taller and is a symbol of the collaborative works and benevolence between China and the USA and was a gift from Dr. Daike Tian. 2021 Sino American Excellence M330 Lotus is a spectacular lotus is every way!

How To Plant Your Lotus

Plant your lotus in a wide container, at least 24 inches in diameter, using loam soil. Add  4 - 6 inches of water above the soil and place your lotus where it will receive 8 - 10 hours of sunlight daily. Do not fertilize your lotus until you have aerial leaves growing out of the water.

How And When To Fertilize Your Lotus

You must wait until your lotus has aerial leaves growing out of the water before you can fertilize your lotus. Your first fertilizer application should be 1/2 a dose of the recommended dosage of fertilizer. After the initial dose, fertilize your lotus every three week throughout the growing/blooming season. Your last fertilizer application should be in early September. This will allow your lotus to go into dormancy naturally.

We recommend Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs for optimum growth and best bloom. 

*Please see our 'Complete Lotus Growing Guide' included with your lotus purchase.

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