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Charlene Strawn Hardy Waterlily

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Charlene Strawn Hardy Waterlily, this hardy waterlily has elegant, lemony-yellow blooms that are 5 - 7" across with dark green pads. Mature plants on the Charlene Strawn Waterlily have 8 - 9" pads.
This is a delightfully fragrant specimen and is very free flowering.
The bright color and stellate shape adds beauty and sunshine to any pond or water garden.  Charlene Strawn Waterlily has a 3 - 5'  spread.

Plant your Charlene Strawn Hardy Waterlily in a large (2 - 7 gallon) container using heavy loam soil, place 1 -  2' beneath the surface of the water in 5+ hours of sunlight per day. Fertilize during the growing/blooming season.
Waterlilies are very heavy feeders! We recommend and sell Waterlily World Tabbs and Landon Granular Fertilizer, these products will give your pond plants optimum growth and best bloom!

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