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Pond Water Plants Nurseries & Native Pond Plants From Florida


Our plants are shipped from nurseries which are located in Ohio, Oregon and Florida, as well as a special lotus farm in Alabama. 

The northern nurseries specialize in the winter hardy varieties of plants that we sell. Hardy bog plants like Marsh Marigolds, Forget Me Nots, Water Hawthorne, as well as some of the hardy red waterlilies that don't care for extreme heat in the south.

Our southern greenhouse specializes in getting our early plants ready to ship along with our tropical plants, annual waterlilies, oxygenating plants and floating varieties.

Our lotus are shipped from the Alabama Lotus farm, where they are grown under strict growing conditions to insure your lotus is true to name. They are bruise free, disease free, and grown right here in the USA! Lotus are shipped from March through May each year. Growing your lotus from tubers allows your lotus to grow and bloom the very first year! We send explicit directions with our plants, helping you to grow the best plants possible!

Our Florida location will not ship plants in soil to California (mostly our marginal bog plants) as the two states take extreme caution sending plants back and forth to prevent citrus disease and pests from traveling. We do not sell any citrus but the packages we ship can be chosen for an inspection, which means a delay out of Florida. 


What can we do to solve the Florida into California supply for marginal plants? We must limit the selection of plants we can offer to our California customers. This, by no means is a perfect solution, but a better one than plants getting held up for California state inspections which simply take too long to get our plants to our customers in a timely fashion. It is much easier to ship plants from our Ohio or Oregon locations to California, but we cannot always offer our complete line of plants. 

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience at Pondmegastore.com! We have handpicked plant specimens that we know will grace the borders of your pond as well as ones that will grow beautifully in the water. Just take a look at the petal count on award winning hybridizer,Tony Moore's waterlilies--from Razzberry to Strawberry Milkshake as well as all of the pom poms, the flowers are extraordinary and grow beautifully and are winter hardy to boot! The hardy waterlilies and annuals get more beautiful each season and the intersubgenerics (a cross between a hardy and a tropical waterlily) are simply amazing! The color on Detective Erika, an intersubgeneric from award winning hybridizer, Zijun Li, is without rival.  The vintage, old standbys are exquisite and reliable. 

Our lotus are some of the most dazzling specimens offered anywhere and we are proud to say they are grown right here in the USA, by Laura Bancroft! Exquisite, classic white lotus for your Zen garden or lively, brilliant red, ruffled petals to add beauty and elegance to your terrace, balcony or pond. Soft, subtle, pink and white sacred lotus are right here! Bright, bold and commanding lotus growing to 5' tall and taller, are here as well. (Consult our sister site Pondlotus.com for lots of information regarding lotus and how to grow them).

Our collection of pond plants are gathered from around the world to add drama and excitement to your water garden setting! Black Coral Taro, Mojito Taro, Dwarf Giant Papyrus, Bengal Tiger Canna and others, add an exotic vibe to your water garden feature!

We have edible pond plants like watercress, bloody dock, water celery, lotus, taro, aquatic mint, lemon bacopa and neptunia aquatica, to name a few. Take a peek at our edible pond plant article,  in PondTrade Magazine, 'Whet Your Appetite With Edible Pond Plants'.

Whatever it takes to make your water garden 'special', we have it her at Pondmegastore.com


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