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Perfect for you waterlilies! 12 x 5 Inch Water Lily Planting Container


Planting Containers for your aquatic plants are available at Pondmegastore. Our 12 inch in diameter by 5 inches deep planting container, provides the best performance for annual waterlilies and the smallest bowl lotus. Some pond owners mistakenly believe that their new pond plants will simply float on the surface of the water. Like most plants, your aquatic plants will have to be planted in soil to thrive. These aquatic planting containers are specifically designed to accommodate  the plants we sell. We use heavy loam soil or calcined clay as planting media for aquatic plants. Nutrients bind to the clay in your planting media and your plants are able to use the nutrients from the planting media to grow and thrive. Heavy loam soil is a mix of topsoil, clay soil and a small amount of sand. Heavy loam soil is simply 'topsoil' found in many backyards across the USA.

We also recommend calcined clay sold as 'Turface' from SiteOne Landscape Supply or a quick absorb product used for oil clean ups found in auto parts stores as well as 100% clay kitty litter (no perfumes or deodorizers. These products are almost always 100% clay and do an excellent job of anchoring your plant in the container as well as allowing nutrients to bind to the clay, thus allowing your plants access to the nutrients.

We recommend and sell WaterlilyWorld Fertilizer for best bloom and optimum growth! available from PondMegaStore.com

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