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 Great for Smaller Lotus or Medium-Large Waterlily!     16 wide x 7 inches deep,  Water Lily Planting Container

Note these pots are expensive due to the shipping cost we recommend looking at places like Tractor Supply Company or Rural King in the Animal Feed section for a better deal on similar containers at much better prices. 

Planting Container for waterlilies is 16 inches x 7 inches deep and provides the best performance for waterlilies and small lotus. This container is the correct width for rhizomes to produce multiple flowers.  Note we cannot ship one pot as it costs more to ship the large box than the cost of the container. 

We recommend that you use heavy loam soil to grow your water garden plants.

Mix equal parts:

  • 1/3 Top Soil-which can be purchased at Lowe's, Walmart or Home Depot
  • 1/3 Play Sand-which can be purchased at Lowe's, Walmart or Home Depot
  • 1/3 Clay-Calcined clay may be purchased at SiteOne Landscape Stores under the name 'Turface'. It is often sold as a baseball field amendment. You can also purchase an oil absorb product from auto parts stores, it is used to clean up oil spills in the garage and is made with 100% clay. Either one of these products will serve as 'part clay' in you loam soil mix. Also, 100% clay kitty litter works, just make sure there are no perfumes, dyes, shredded newspaper or clumping materials in the kitty litter. 
Mix the top soil, play sand and clay together in a large container, adding a little water to the mix as you go. You can use this soil mixture for all of your aquatic plants in the pond from waterlilies to lotus and everything in between!

We always recommend that you fertilize your aquatic plants with Landon's Granular Fertilizer or Waterlily World Pond Tabs + Humates. These products get your plants off to a terrific start! These products will also keep your plants growing and blooming all season long!



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