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Fabric Planter is 12 Inches wide (height is adjustable)

Great for low growing marginal plants on the shelf of a pond!    

  Fabric Plant Containers are  PERFECT for Small Hardy water lilies, All annual waterlilies, and low growing,  marginals and surface water garden plants. Fabric Planting containers have adjustable sides and can stand full or be folded down to 5 inches tall. These  Fabric Plant Containers are breathable and allow oxygen at the roots of your plants, helping plants to grow larger and stronger!

  • Small and Medium Hardy Water Lilies
  • All Annual Water Lilies
  • Reeds and Rushes to 20 inches tall
  • Marsh Marigolds
  • Golden Club
  • Submerged grasses
  • Bog Bean
  • Chameleon Plant
  • Society Flower
  • Dwarf Papyrus
  • Dwarf Umbrella Palm 
  • Dwarf Horsetail Rush 
  • Parrots Feather
  • Snowflake Plants
  • Water Hearts
  • Sensitive Plant
  • Water Poppies
  • Spider Lilies 
  • Bog Lilies

*All of the plants listed above do well in Fabric Planting Containers, as plants are able to have access to oxygen at their roots. Fill bag with heavy loam soil and don't forget to add WATERLILY WORLD Fertilizer Tabs

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