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Plant Description

Aunt Shirley Louisiana Iris is a lovely specimen with bright, rose-pink blooms with golden-yellow signals and attractive, green, sword-like foliage that grow 24 to 32 inches tall. Aunt Shirley Louisiana Iris blooms early to late Spring, depending on zone.

Height   Mature plants grow 24 to 32 inches tall

Spread   Mature plants spread 12 - 18 inches 

Light Requirements   Full sun to part shade

Moisture Requirements   Requires moist soil or shallow water--with up to 3 inches of water above the rhizome

Blooms Blooms early to late spring, depending on zone

Hardy   All Louisiana Iris are hardy in zones 6 - 12

Divide   Divide your Louisiana Iris every two to three years, as needed. Divide iris in late summer or early fall.


 Planting Instructions

The best time to plant your Aunt Shirley Louisiana Iris is in August or September, they can be planted in the spring, but it may affect that years bloom--(Iris may be planted anytime in Florida)

Plant your Louisiana Iris in moist, slightly acidic soil with rich, organic compost added. Dig holes a little larger than the iris rhizomes and cover with an inch inch of soil, with roots down and pointed side up. Space them 12 inches apart in your terrestrial garden. Louisiana iris may also be planted in containers and placed in your pond with water over the rhizomes or in bog filters, which help to remove nutrients from the water before it is cycled back into the pond, thus helping to avoid algae issues. (When placing your Louisiana Iris in the pond, use heavy loam soil and skip the rich, organic compost and add fertilizer tabs instead throughout the growing and blooming months (May through September).

Loam soil can be made by using a 50/50 mix of top soil and 100 percent clay kitty litter. Simply mix the two ingredients together and use as you pond plant planting media. The nutrients in your pond tabs will bind to the clay in the soil and will not foul your water.

Fertilizing Instructions

Fertilize the Louisiana Iris in your pond with Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs+ Humates for optimum growth, best bloom and ease of use. Simply press the fertilizer tabs into the soil near the roots of your iris rhizomes. Do this once a month throughout the growing/blooming season, May through September.

Pondmegastore Tip Large Fabric Planting Containers are beneficial for your Louisiana Iris in the pond! Fabric planting containers allow oxygen to reach the roots of the plants and also gives the roots access to nutrient rich water--both of these helps plants to grow larger and stronger!

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