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BIG RED also known as English Red Waterlily is an incredible night blooming specimen! Flowers open until 11am on most days!

Brilliant, rosy-red blooms open at dusk, blooms stand 4 - 6 inches above the surface of the water, and above the handsome reddish-bronze pads.
Big Red Waterlily is a prolific bloomer and is stunning, especially if your pond is lit at night!
The reddish-bronze pads are beautiful in the daytime as well. The reddish-bronze foliage makes a  nice contrast to green plants in the pond. The spread on the Big Red Tropical, Night Blooming Waterlily is 4 - 6 feet and is quite stunning in medium to large ponds. HEAVY BLOOMER!



Waterlilies are very heavy feeders! Plant your Red Flare Waterlily in a large (2 - 7 gallon) container or a fabric planter using heavy loam soil, place 1 - 2 feet beneath the surface of the water in at least 5+ hours of sunlight each day.
Fertilize every three weeks with Waterlily World Pond Tabs or use Landon Granular Fertilizer for 80 - 90 days of slow release fertilizer. Follow dosing directions.

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