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Canna Compact Pink 'Sandy' Plant Description

Canna Compact Pink 'Sandy', is a marvelous, bright, coral-pink canna with dark-green foliage! Canna Compact Pink 'Sandy' grows to 2 - 3 feet tall and can be planted in moist soil in your terrestrial garden, in the bog area of your pond or in the pond with up to 2 inches of water above the roots. Plant in full sun to part shade and enjoy this sensational beauty in your pond or in your landscape! Canna do a great job of helping to filter the water in your pond by removing heavy metals and other undesirable elements in your pond water!  Canna Compact Pink 'Sandy' blooms continually late spring until frost! Canna Compact Pink 'Sandy' is hardy to zone 7.

Height      Grows 2 - 3 feet tall

Width        Grows to 12 inches wide

Moisture Requirements   Damp soil to 2 inches of water above the roots in the pond. No deeper!

Sunlight Requirements     Full sun to part shade (blooms best in full sun)

Bloom Time     Blooms late spring until first frost with bright, coral-pink blooms

Zone     Hardy to zone 7


Planting Instructions

Plant your Canna Compact Pink 'Sandy' in a 12 inch by 12 inches deep container using loam soil and place with up to two inches of water above the roots. Do not keep any lower in the water.

Fertilize once a month with Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs for optimum growth and best bloom! Canna Compact Pink 'Sandy' may also be planted in your terrestrial garden, in composted, loam soil, dig holes a little larger than the bulb of the plant, covering the roots with an inch or two of soil and keep soil evenly moist, especially during dry spells. You must lift the bulbs after the first frost in the north, and overwinter indoors in a south facing window, or store in peat moss or sand in a cool basement and replant after the last frost in the spring. 

Pondmegastore Tip:  Never top off your planting containers with rocks or stones as this will inhibit the growth of your pond plants.

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