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Clear Pond Good Bacteria 8 oz.

CLEAR POND GOOD BACTERIA is a non-toxic formula that has been developed to be beneficial to pond life. This is an enhanced blend of good bacterias that have been patented for increased performance in your pond. Helps to produce large quantities of digestive enzymes in an aquatic environment to help create a clean, healthy pond. Clear Pond Good Bacteria helps to create a healthy, balanced pond when used regularly. Helps to reduce the effects of :

  • Pea soup algae
  • String algae 
  • Sludge that builds up at the bottom of the pond

8 oz. Treats up to 8,000 Gallons one time 

New BSL Formula, "A microbiotic blend of probiotic bacteria and a revolutionary technological breakthrough in the development of microbes for use in pond water management".

Clear Pond Good Bacteria contains a blend of aerobic and facultative anaerobes, (good bacteria), that are capable of breaking down algae and eliminating a sludge layer even in an anaerobic (non-oxygen) environment. Through a process of 'selective adaptation' our natural bacteria have been enhanced in a 3-stage program. These are the first bacterial strains that were not engineered, but enhanced from nature, to receive patents. These bacteria have been naturally enhanced to rule the pond environment. Through a process known as 'competitive displacement' they confine and replace pathogenic (bad) bacteria that usually form in an anaerobic condition and actually protect fish against the very pathogenic conditions that cause disease."

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