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Trailing Mint Charlie a warm weather loving, sweet spearmint smelling, quick-growing dainty aquatic plant that has beautiful, rounded foliage. Native to parts of the southeast where water or moisture is always present.

When planted shallow in loam soil or a slow moving creek which it loves, as it reaches the surface of the water, it will send out lots of small flowers which makes it great for growing beneath taller marginal plants. Trailing/Creepin Mint Charlie  can be trimmed to any height though it never gets tall, without hurting the plant. Looks great trailing or below taller foliage to hide the pot. It does not like cold water. 

Plant near the surface in wet mud to 2 or 3 inches below the waterline max. A wetland plant and will not survive in areas that dry out completely. Trailing/Creepin Mint Charlie makes a nice groundcover in the right conditions and will also do well in a container or hanging basket .

Plant when nights are no lower than 50 degrees and days are in the mid 70s or better. 

A 6 inch wide pot is more than sufficient or planting in a stream bed. 

ACCLIMATE ON ARRIVAL on the north side of your home out of direct sunlight for 2-3 days before adding to direct sun. Never acclimate indoors as that is too low light. 

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