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Curly Water Lettuce has ruffled, velvety, green leaves are tightly curled into lovely rosettes that float beautifully on the surface of your pond or water feature. Curly Water lettuce is great for tub or container gardens as well! Curly Water Lettuce may grow 6-8" across and can be light- green to blue- green in color. This is one of the most popular pond plants for sale at Pondmegastore!
(minimum 3 plants)

Height 4-6 inches tall

Width 4-8 inches across

Sunlight Requirements Full sun to part shade, do well in part shade in extreme heat

Bloom Time Insignificant bloom

Fertilize A pinch of Miracle-Gro in the water once a month or as needed

Zone Hardy in zones 9-11


Curly Water Lettuce is a great pond plant for:

  • Providing shade for fish 
  • Helping to eliminate algae
  • Great for biofilters as water lettuce helps to clean and purify the water by taking up nutrients and trapping small particles in the root hairs
  • Grows extremely well in a Koi fish barrier, simply place your Curly Water Lettuce on the Koi fish  barrier--the roots of your water lettuce will grow through the netting into the water and Koi can nibble the roots but the Curly Water Lettuce is unreachable to you koi


No planting is necessary as these lovely Curly Water Lettuce rosettes float magically on the surface of the water. Make sure roots are facing down when placed on the surface of the water. 

PONDMEGASTORE TIP: Curly Water Lettuce will turn yellow in temperatures below 50 degrees. It is a tropical plant that prefers warm temperatures and warm water!

Water Lettuce is illegal in:

FL, TX, CA, AL, SC, LA, MS, and WI

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