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Plant Description

Dwarf White Calla Lily (Zantedeshia aethiopica) is native to the mild parts of South Africa, these flowers are often found growing in stream beds. The elegant, white, trumpet shaped blooms on the Dwarf White Calla Lily are simply superb--they have dark, emerald-green foliage with undulations over the leaves that make the perfect complement to these fine, white flowers! Dwarf White Calla Lilies have an upright habitat and bloom from late spring to midsummer. Dwarf White Calla Lilies are the perfect addition to your water garden-- or to your terrestrial garden if planted in moist soil and in full sun. Dwarf White Calla Lilies are considered a perennial in warmer climates and considered an annual in the north.



Height   Grow 12 - 18 inches tall

Width   6 - 8 inch spread

Sunlight Requirements   Full sun is best

Moisture Requirements   Moist soil to wet with up to an inch of water above the roots

Blooms   Blooms late spring into midsummer 

Zone   Hardy in zones 8 - 11 (possibly 7) 


Planting Instructions

Dwarf White Calla Lilies

Plant Description

Dwarf White Calla Lilies should be planted in moist soil in the bog area of your pond or moist soil in your terrestrial garden. Plant 2 inches deep and water well. Keep soil evenly moist and make certain that you water them during long, hot dry spells. Make sure you plant these Dwarf White Calla lilies in full sun.  If you are placing these plants in your pond--place two to three plants in a wide  (10-12 inch or wider) container using moist loam soil, in full sun with up to an inch of water above top of the roots.  Dwarf Calla Lilies are considered perennials in the south and may be left in the ground throughout the winter months. These plants are considered annuals in the north and bulbs must be lifted and stored before the first frost. To overwinter indoors, withhold moisture and allow plants to go dormant, carefully lift plants from the soil, trim away spent foliage, air dry bulbs in a well ventilated location and store bulbs in a cool, dark location over the winter. Replant in the spring after all danger of frost has passed. 

Extra Large fabric planters are a nice choice when putting Dwarf White Calla Lilies in the pond. Place heavy loam soil in the fabric planter and plant two or three dwarf calla lilies in the container and place in an area of the pond where it will receive full sun with up to an inch of water above the roots. Fertilize once a month with Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs + Humates. Simply press two or three fertilizer tabs into the soil around the roots of your dwarf calla lilies. Do this once a month, June through August, for robust plants and best bloom! 

*Another option for storing your calla lily bulbs is to do the following:

Before first frost in the fall, lift the pot containing your  dwarf calla lilies and allow pot to dry out--withholding all moisture, cut back spent foliage and store container indoors over the winter months in a dark, cool, dry location. Simply place container in the pond in the spring, after all danger of frost has passed.

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