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Gold Mystery Snails


Gold Mystery Snails eat five times more algae than Trapdoor snails!
Gold Mystery Snails help to clean algae on the sides and the bottom of your pond as well as algae that grows on the leaves of your plants.  

Gold Mystery Snails make an excellent addition to your pond once your water is warm (about 70 degrees F).  Gold Mystery Snails are usually the size of a nickel or a quarter when you receive them. The downside of having Gold Mystery Snails is that they cannot survive winters where ponds get ice on them. Gold Mystery Snails are a beautiful addition to backyard ponds.

Pros: They eat more algae and decaying matter than the common trapdoor pond snails. 
They are easy to see! Much harder for these gems to hide so you can see they are doing their work. 
Cons: Shorter life span than trapdoor snails though these reproduce more readily. They will perish where temperatures are cold for long periods and there is any ice on the water as these are warm weather snails and come up to the surface to breath air. If you live anywhere ice forms on the water they will not overwinter. Egg layers vs live bearing single babies of the trapdoor snail. 

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