This form can grow 10-34 inches tall
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Jumbo Water Hyacinths - our 2021 cost increase in the tall form is due to shipping cost increase in these larger plants. 

Plant Description

Jumbo Water Hyacinths are large (6-8  inches when shipped) and can grow to over a foot tall! Beautiful, glossy, emerald-green, bulb-like foliage is adorned with exquisite, lavender-blue flowers. The Jumbo Water Hyacinths, like all water hyacinths, bloom when they are in nutrient-poor water. The plant feels threatened when it is in nutrient-poor water and blooms, so that it may leave seeds behind to grow another day. Jumbo Water Hyacinths float effortlessly on the surface of the water in full sun to full shade but prefers some sun. A true floating plant that instantly adds shade to the water as well as taking up nutrients from the water, both of these help to resolve algae issues in your water garden. Water Hyacinth roots are feathery and hang down in the water, providing cover for fish. 

  • Jumbo Water Hyacinths are often used in water treatment programs to help purify the water, removing unwanted nutrients from the water.
  • Jumbo Water Hyacinths may be used to filter the water in your pond by cycling the water through a smaller pond with water hyacinths before it enters the main pond.  
  • Jumbo Water Hyacinths store inorganic nitrogen as well as phosphorus in their roots, When used as compost, they add a lot of nutrition into the soil.

*When your Water Hyacinths arrive do not place them directly in the hot sun. Place your Water Hyacinths in a bucket or baby pool with pond water and place them in a shady spot or a spot with filtered sunlight for 24 - 48 hours to re-hydrate them. Place them in your pond, roots facing down after they have been re-hydrated.

Always dispose of unwanted water hyacinths properly. Never release them into the waterways. 

Water Hyacinths are illegal in the following states / locations and will not be shipped there:

AL, AR, AZ,  FL, ID, LA, MS, NE, SC, TX, WI as well as in the city of Chicago.

REMINDER! Different plants have different requirements. Water Hyacinths are a tropical plant that requires warm water and warm weather. Hyacinths need at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit nighttime temperatures. Placing Water Hyacinths on your order and choosing Proper Planting Time may delay your order, as we will wait until the weather is warm enough in your area to ship these plants! 

Please check the blue box on our Home Page, any plants that are illegal in your state will not show up,  or allow you to purchase them.

Should you try to order plants that are illegal in your state, we will send substitute plants in their place.

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