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Plant Descriptions


Jumbo-Jurassic Water Lettuce are large, (shipped 9 - 12 inches in diameter)  green, tropical plants that float on the surface of the water.  These can grow even wider and taller (14 - 18 inches) if you keep them crowded. Price is due to the large box required and 2 day shipping in order to get them to you. No planting is necessary, simply place these floating plants directly on the surface of the water. This is the largest water lettuce that we sell. Jumbo-Jurassic Water Lettuce adds shade immediately, giving fish protection from the sun. Jurassic Water Lettuce increases uptake of nutrients from the pond water, helping to eliminate algae. Great in ponds and container gardens.  An excellent choice as a pond filter as well! Plant after acclimating in full sun to full shade.

PLEASE NOTE: Different Plants have different requirements. Water Lettuce is a tropical plant and needs warm temperatures and warm water. Water Lettuce will not survive nighttime temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. When you choose to order your plants at Proper Planting Time, having Water Lettuce on your order may delay your plant shipment, as we will wait until the weather is warm enough in your area to ship this plant.

Pondmegastore Tip Put a Jumbo-Jurassic Water Lettuce plant in a bucket of water with a little miracle gro and it will double in size!!! The important thing is to keep the water lettuce crowded!

States where Water Lettuce is Illegal:

Water Lettuce is illegal in some states. We will substitute another plant where illegal. Avoid allowing into waterways in any state as these are not native the the USA. Illegal in AL, CA, FL, LA, MS, PR, SC, TX, and WI

No planting is necessary, simply place with roots facing down, on the surface of the water in full sun to full shade.

Introduce your Water Lettuce to sunlight slowly. Do not expose your Water Lettuce to full sun for the first 24 - 48 hours. Place the Water Lettuce in a bucket or baby pool with pond water in a shady area or with filtered sunlight for 3 days outdoors and then it can be introduced to a pond with direct sunlight.  A small amount of fertilizer in the bucket (half teaspoon of miracle grow or some pond fertilizer tablets to dissolve will quickly green up the plants from transit). Note the plants are not aware of why it is suddenly dark, why they are out of the water, why they may be getting warm. Because of any of these stressors they may try and make themselves smaller by dropping roots and aborting larger leaves for their own survival as a smaller plant. Getting these hydrated in pond water in the shade outdoors (never inside which is too little light) will get the plants happy and growing again. 

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