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Koi Standard  Grade A 4 - 5 Inch 

Koi Fish, a member of the carp family (Cyprinus carpio) are brightly colored, ornamental fish for outdoor ponds, water gardens or freshwater aquariums. Our koi are bright, beautiful, healthy fish in a variety of colors, markings and patterns from solid yellow to tri-colors. They may be placed in ponds with other goldfish such as shubunkins and sarasa comets.

Originally from Japan, koi have been bred for their unique colors and patterns. Koi can live 25 years or longer and can grow quite large (30 inches or more). It would take a very large pond to grow koi that long! 

Koi ponds are generally deeper than regular ponds and usually have a mechanical filtration system or a separate pond with plants dedicated to filter the water.


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