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Laydekeri Fulgens Waterlily

Plant Description

Laydekeri Fulgens Hardy Waterlily is a lovely, red, waterlily that is small-medium in size and spread. Laydekeri Fulgens Waterlily is a vintage hybrid that was introduced in the late 1800's. Laydekeri Fulgens Waterlily has stellate shaped, red flowers that are about 4 inches across. The outer petals are a little lighter than the inner petals giving this hybrid a 'frosted' appearance. Lily pads are green and are about 6 inches across. This is a heavy bloomer and a perfect choice for watergardens across the United States. Many red waterlilies burn in the bright, southern sun, Laydekeri Fulgens is an excellent choice and does not burn like some other red waterlilies. Laydekeri Fulgens looks wonderful in any size pond! Laydekeri Fulgens is an  attractive and dependable bloomer!

Planting Instructions

Plant your Laydekeri Fulgens Hardy Waterlily in a wide, shallow container or extra large fabric planting container. Use loam soil or aquatic planting media and place your Laydekeri Fulgens Waterlily where it will receive at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. Place your waterlily 1 - 2 feet beneath the surface of the water. Fertilize monthly throughout the growing/blooming season with Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs + Humates for robust plants and best bloom.


For 80 - 90 days of fertilizer for your plants, we recommend and sell Landon Granular Fertilizer. Follow dosing directions carefully as Landon Granular Fertilizer is 'HOT' and will burn new plants if it comes in direct contact with the tender roots of your new plants. Simply add a few tablespoons  of Landon Granular Fertilizer to the bottom portion of your planting media, mix well and then add a few inches of plain planting media near the top of the container where your plants roots are positioned. Your plants will grow and bloom all season long!

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