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Mermaid Plant or Proserpinaca Palustris,
Mermaid Plant
 is a  lovely oxygenating pond plant that grows as an emergent as well as a submerged plant. Mermaid plant grows above and below the surface of the water, the portion of the plant that grows below the surface of the water helps to provide oxygen to the water in the day time. Mermaid Plant helps aid in algae elimination as it competes for the same nutrients in the water. You can plant Mermaid in the substrate, weigh it with small anchors or plant it in small containers of sand, 1/8 inch pea gravel or clay planting medium and place on the shelf of your pond. This is one of the best plants for tadpoles,as tadpoles will eat mermaid plant very quickly which helps tadpoles to transform faster in the pond. Mermaid Plant is also great for cover for small fish or for spawning.
Minimum 5 bunches


Plant Mermaid Plant in small containers or fabric planters, using sand or aquatic planting medium or substrate, and place on shelves or on the bottom of your pond.
Place Mermaid Plant at a depth of 6 to 24 inches beneath the surface of the water.

Mermaid Plant does well is full sun to part shade. Once vertical stems are long enough, you can cut a few inches of the stem and repot it or plant it in the substrate. Mermaid Plant is great for spawning and cover for smaller fish. Propagates buy cuttings. Keep the top portion of cuttings and replant.
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