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Microbe-Lift TAC Dry Bacteria Cultures


Microbe-Lift TAC Dry Bacteria Cultures uses spore bacteria instead of live bacteria and helps to rid your pond of organic material, dissolve sludge and break down dead algae. Microbe-Lift TAC Dry Bacteria Cultures are water soluble and adds beneficial ingredients like sodium bicarbonate and sea salt to help improve the water quality in your pond as well as help to stabilize the pH. An added benefit is that the dry bacteria has no odor! Microbe-Lift TAC Dry Bacteria Cultures helps to create a cleaner environment for your pond! 

  • Safe for all marine life as well as  pets, humans and the environment, and works naturally to help eliminate organic waste matter from your pond. 
  • Microbe-Lift TAC has powdered activated carbon which helps to absorb small amounts of toxic materials like pesticides that may find their way into your pond.
  • Helps to keep your pond clean and clear.


8 oz will treat an 80-250 gallon pond for 6 months

Pond Size (gallons) 1st Four Weeks Maintenance (twice per month) 80-250 .5 oz (1 tbsp.) .5 oz (1 tbsp.) 250 + 1 oz (2 tbsp.) per 250 gallons 1 oz. per 250 gallons
  • 1 lb Treats 500 gallons for 4 months
  • 3 lbs Treats 1500 gallons for 4 months
  • 5 lbs Treats 2,000 gallons for 5 months
  • 25 lbs Treats extra large ponds / golf course ponds / natural farm ponds

Pondmegastore Tip: We here at Pondmegastore prefer Microbe-Lift PL as it works in a broader spectrum, working in conjunction with sunlight and working  24 hours a day in all areas of your pond.

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