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"Night & Day" is a brand new Medium winter hardy waterlily with Large yellow flowers! Nothing like this waterlily with the dark pads and bright large sunny yellow flowers! It is striking and a good bloomer! Leaves are more green midsummer in the heat but very dark purple in cooler and temperate months. 

The yellow is an incredibly unique bright yellow with no peach in it whatsoever. 

In ponds with a pond liner: Grow in a 10 to 18 inch wide pot, loam sifted topsoil. Nothing ever from a bag which has compost to rot and float. 

The rhizome loves fertilizer tablets from spring until fall and need divided once in spring and once in midsummer for maximum flowering. 

Measure depth from the mud at the top of the pot, to the waters surface. Best 5 to 10 inches but can "tolerate" water to 28 inches above the soil it is planted in. Full sun in any depth for flowering. 

Fertilize with 3 to 4 waterlily world tablets on the 1st and 15th of each month for near daily blooms into late September or October. 

For in-ground ponds with no liner, these again prefer full sun. Best anchored into the embankment soil just 6 to 10 inches below the waterline when planted. Consider temporary fencing for 6 to 10 weeks when establishing in existing ponds with wildlife so plants get ahead of the plant predators. 



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