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Peach Waterlily Starter Kit

Plant / Product Description

Peach Hardy Waterlily Starter Kit Includes:

  • One Peach, Hardy Waterlily
  • One 8 Inch Fabric Planting Container
  • One 20 count Pond Tabbs

Your small, peach, hardy waterlily is pre-potted in a 3 inch pot and may be grown in this container for the first 60 days. Your pre-potted waterlily will grow and bloom more quickly than a bare root plant. (It takes bare root plants up to six weeks to bloom once planted.) The cherubic, peachy-pink flowers are delightful on this small waterlily. The spread is 16 - 24 inches and looks great in small ponds, tub or container gardens.

Planting Instructions

You may place your pre-potted waterlily directly in your small water feature for up to 60 days. Simply place your pre-potted waterlily 4 - 10 inches beneath the surface of the water, in full sun. Fertilize your small waterlily once each month with three Pond Tabbs during the growing and blooming months.

To re-pot your waterlily in the 8 Inch Fabric Planting Container, fill the fabric planting container 1/2 full of loam soil. Fold the sides of the container down to the desired height, replant the waterlily into the loam soil and place the fabric planter 4 - 10 inches beneath the surface of the water, in full sun. Once you replant your waterlily in the larger fabric planting container, use 4 - 5 Pond Tabbs once each month, for the remainder of the growing and blooming season.

Fertilizing Instructions

Fertilize your waterlilies once each month during the growing and blooming season. We recommend slow release fertilizers like Pond Tabbs and Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs for optimum growth, best bloom and ease of use. Simply press the tabs into the soil of your waterlily container!



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