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Pre-Potted Red Hardy Waterlilies

Plant Description

  • Pre-Potted, Red, Hardy Waterlilies come in a 4.5 inch pot and contain a lovely, hybrid waterlily called ATTRACTION. The flowers are red and the lily pads are solid green. The ATTRACTION waterlily is hardy and medium in size. The pre-potted, hardy waterlilies are guaranteed to arrive alive! Waterlilies help to shade the water and provide cover for fish as well as promote a healthy ecosystem for your pond. 


*These pre-potted, rooted waterlilies bloom much more quickly than bare root plants!

  • Simply place these pre-potted, rooted, hardy waterlilies into your pond or container, 6 - 18" beneath the surface of the water in full sun (5+ hours of sunlight daily). 
  • We recommend that you fertilize your pre-potted, hardy waterlily with a slow release fertilizer like Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabbs throughout the growing/blooming season for optimum plant growth and best bloom! Simply press the fertilizer tabbs into the soil near the roots of your waterlily.
  • Keep your pre-potted waterlilies as well as all of your pond plants away from splashing water, as they will rot.
  • You must re-pot your pre-potted, hardy waterlily within 2 - 3 months of planting as it will become too large for the original container. We recommend a 12 inch wide container or a 12 - 14 inch fabric planter, using loam soil or aquatic planting media. Simply slip the soil and roots out of the original container and place it with plant, roots and soil from the original container into the larger container. Your hardy waterlilies should grow year after year!
  • In the fall, trim away leaves and any spent leaves, stems or flowers from your hardy waterlily and place below the freeze line to over-winter.
  • Bring hardy waterlilies closer to the surface of the water in the spring (6 - 18 inches beneath the surface of the water.
*Pre-Potted Hardy Waterlilies make an excellent gift for any pond lover or yourself!




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