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Red Waterlily Starter Kit

Plant / Product Description

Red Hardy Waterlily Starter Kit includes:

  • One small, red, pre-potted, pre-grown waterlily
  • One 20 count Fertilizer Tabbs
  • One 8 inch Fabric Planting Container

Pre-Potted, Pre-Grown waterlilies begin blooming much earlier than bare root waterlilies. It will take bare root waterlilies up to six weeks to begin blooming.  This small, perky, red, hardy waterlily adds a touch of color to your small pond, tub or container garden. Lovely, little red blooms complemented with green foliage add a lively touch to your water garden setting! The spread on this small waterlily is 16 - 24 inches in diameter. 

Planting Instructions

You may keep your pre-grown waterlily in the 3 inch pot it arrives in for up to 60 days. Simply place the pre-potted waterlily 4 - 10 inches beneath the surface of the water, in full sun. Half barrels make great container gardens for this delightful waterlily!

When you choose to repot your pre-grown waterlily, fill your fabric planting container 1/2 full with loam soil. Fold the sides down to the desired height and plant your waterlily in the soil. Place the Fabric Planting Container 4 - 10 inches beneath the surface of the soil, in full sun.

Fertilizing Instructions

Fertilize your waterlily once each month throughout the growing and blooming season. When fertilizing your waterlily in the 3 inch pot, use three fertilizer tabbs once each month. When you transfer your waterlily to the larger container, you may fertilize your waterlily with 4 - 5 fertilizer tabbs for the remainder of the growing and blooming season. Simply press the fertilizer tabbs into the soil of your waterlily container.




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