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Splendid Lotus  (Jing Cai)

Lotus Plant Description

Splendid Lotus is a tall lotus with lush, creamy-white flowers with just a hint of color on the petal tips that add interest. Splendid Lotus adds a regal touch to your water garden setting with big, beautiful, multi-petaled blooms. Splendid also looks spectacular when grown in large containers on your patio, terrace or balcony. This versicolor lotus has it all!           Medium-Tall/Versicolor/Multi-Petal

How to grow your lotus tuber

Grow you lotus tuber in a wide, shallow, no-holes container using loam soil. Fill the container 2/3 full of loam soil. Dig a shallow trench on the surface of the soil. Gently place the lotus tuber in the trench, taking care not to bruise or damage the growth tips. Cover the tubers with an inch or two of soil while leaving the growth tips exposed. Gently add 3 - 4 inches of water above the lotus tuber and place the container in a sunny area outdoors (8 - 12 hours of sunlight daily). 

How to fertilize your lotus

We recommend a slow release fertilizer like Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs. Wait until you have aerial leaves growing out of the water to fertilize your lotus. If you fertilize too soon, you may burn the plant. Fertilize with 1/2 the recommended dosage for your first application of fertilizer--after that, fertilize once a month during the growing/blooming months for optimum growth and best bloom. Simply press the tabs into the soil near the roots of the lotus. The last application of fertilizer should be applied in early September, this will allow your lotus to go into dormancy naturally.

Please read complete instructions in our 'Lotus Planting Guide' included in your lotus purchase! 

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