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Sarracenia Flava 

Plant Description

Sarracenia Flava or Yellow Pitcher Plant, is native to the US southeast. Sarracenia Flava has showy, distinct, green to yellow-gold trumpets with red veining. Sarracenia Flava is one of the tallest varieties of pitcher plants, often growing to 2 feet tall or taller. 

Height   24 - 30 inches tall

Width    Slowly spreads to 6 inches

Sunlight Requirements   Full sun to part shade

Moisture Requirements   Moist (soil must be kept consistently moist) Use a 50/50 mix of peat moss and sand.

Zone  Hardy in zones 5a to 9b

Planting Instructions

Plant your Sarracenia in a 50/50 mix of peat moss and sand, keep you planting media consistently moist using rain water or distilled water. Tap water contains chemicals that can kill your pitcher plant so do avoid tap water. (Never use fertilizer as it will kill your pitcher plant.) Use an ordinary container with holes along with a saucer underneath the container. You want to keep the soil moist--not soggy. Place your container in full sun to part shade and enjoy! 


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