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Home Page 'Welcome To Our Store!'


Welcome to PONDMEGASTORE! We are excited to show you some of the beautiful plants that we grow and sell, as well as share a little information about ourselves! We have spent the last 30 years studying and growing water garden plants and have been selling water garden plants for about 20 years. It is our passion!

Pond Megastore specializes not only water garden plants, but exceptional, new varieties of lilies and lotus--including native and hybrid plants. Each year, I travel around the world looking for new and different varieties to share with you, our customer.  I talk with hybridizers about the new, intersubgeneric varieties being offered like the hardy, purple 'Detective Erika Waterlily'  as well as many others. We offer the most exciting plants in a variety of colors to transform your pond into the vision you have in mind.

Our white waterlilies are dazzling in shades of crisp whites to creamy-whites, from Trudy Slocum, Innocence, Marliac Albida, Hermine, Moondance, Missouri and more.

Yellow waterlilies at Pondmegastore come in shades of sunny-yellow to lemon-yellow and every yellow in between, in specimens such as Lemon Meringue, Paranee.

Our red waterlilies are bursting with color! We have rosy-reds, vibrant reds, burgundy reds and true reds in varieties like Manee Red, Black Princess,  Perry's Baby Red,  Cranberry, Jennifer Rebecca and many, many more.

Our purple waterlily collection will knock your socks off and include varieties like Plum Crazy, Purple Joy, Detective Erika, Director Moore, Ultra Violet and Tanzanite, to name a few.

Mouth watering peach waterlilies and changeable waterlilies with favorites like Awesome, Colorado, Georgia Peach, Gregg's Orange Beauty, Perry's Orange Sunset, Berit Strawn, Mangkala Ubol and Clyde Ikins, to name just a few. One of our newest peach selections is Prakisad Hardy Waterlily which has stunning, dark peach flowers and beautifully mottled lily pads. Prakisad is a Heavy Bloomer as well!

The list of pinks is unbelievable. One of our newest pink varieties is called Malikan Hardy Waterlily and this waterlily is heavenly! The high petal count gives the flowers an ethereal look in the pond!

The flower shapes and blooms are amazing and come in an array of sizes, from the tiny Helvola with yellow blooms, the high petal count Pom Pom series, to the larger waterlily selections like  Awesome, Foxfire and Dauben.

Hybrids like Siam Fantasy and Wanvisa hardy waterlilies are simply delightful when paired together in your pond! Both of these beautiful waterlilies are great bloomers with exquisite markings and striations over the unique and unusual flowers.

Stellate blooms, cup shaped blooms, round, lush, full double blooms along with fabulous night bloomers! We are confident that we can please the most discriminating waterlily lover. 


We have vintage varieties that are over 100 years old as well as some of the newest Intersubgenerics and some of the most beautiful hybrids found anywhere in the world!

We have an extensive lotus collection and sell lotus tubers and lotus seeds to customers throughout the United States. Lotus are hardy and can be grown in a container in any sunny location on your porch, deck, patio or pond! Lotus come in various sizes from 8 inches tall (Exquisite of Bowl Variety) to 5 feet tall with the larger varieties, and every size in between! Colors are reds, pinks, yellows and whites, as well as changeables and versicolor lotus. Our lotus are grown in Alabama and harvested and tagged, true to name, bruise free, disease free and kept in commercial grade coolers until they are purchased by you, our customer. 

We have searched far and wide for the best pond plants to bring a bit of the tropics to your water garden feature. Beautiful papyrus, umbrella palm, botswana wonder, exotic taros and more. Our rushes and reeds and grasses and sedge help to create the pond feature you are looking for, in your very own backyard. The exotic canna we sell add color and vertical interest to your pond setting!

We have floating plants that glide on the surface of the water and tall plants to give vertical interest. Bushy heads on our superb papyrus add a textural element while the clean lines of horsetail rush give an architectural element to your water garden feature.

We have amazing plants to use in the bio filter of your natural swimming pool/pond as well!

Our Louisiana Iris are exceptionally beautiful and add beauty and grace to any outdoor setting. Our Iris collection rivals all the colors of the rainbow!

PLUS, We have instructional videos to help teach you how to plant and care for the plants you purchase from PONDMEGASTORE!

We also provide the containers and fertilizers that you may need for all of your water garden needs, such as no-hole containers for lotus and waterlilies as well as planting baskets and fabric planting containers for iris, canna and marginals, as well as for plants on shelves in your pond. Landon Fertilizer and Waterlily World Tabs + Humates are the two fertilizer products that we recommend (and use ourselves!) for vigorous, healthy plants and robust bloom!

We have pumps, deicers, aerators, skimmers and almost any item you may need for your water garden or pond.

We carry several products to help keep your pond crystal clear, from good bacteria's, barley extract, sludge removers, water conditioners, and more.

Last, but not least, we will sell fish, tadpoles and snails to complete your water garden! Birds, bees, butterflies and dragonflies will be attracted to the plants in your pond, helping you to achieve a backyard paradise! 




The Pond Megastore Nurseries Team





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