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Pond Water Plants Nurseries & Native Pond Plants



Our plants are shipped all across the USA from nurseries from the Southeastern USA.
Our plants are shipped "In Season" as nicely grown out direct to home starter nursery plants as seen on this page from April 15th to August 1st each year.

Lotus are the one exception as a Lotus cannot be shipped in growing stage so they are sent in March, April, and May as tubers and come with the one year planting guide in your shipping email!

Or Out of Season "August 2nd-April 14th" - If you choose to ship out of season the plants will be possibly smaller than listed here or dormant all together and will not carry the live arrive guarantee when shipping out of season.

 WATERLILIES    In Season (April 15th - August 30th Waterlilies)


Some Leaves will become Yellow and Chlorotic in the Box,
We did not ship them Yellow, this is not usually any concern if the box arrived in 2-4 days and the leaves are in a continuous cycle lasting only 26-34 days anyway and will be replaced soon after you repot them. Waterlilies come bareroot from Asia on ships all the time like potatoes taking 3-4 weeks and are not phased at all. The only difference is we hope to get them to you with some leaves. Now sending them with too many leaves stresses the plant and makes the leaves more likely to yellow and the plant more likely to float out of the new soil on arrival so please do not ask us to ship them with 10 or 20 lily pads as it just causes them to yellow very fast and then they all need to be removed. Three to six is about perfect for shipping. Plant them shallow when they arrive in just 6 to 12 inches of water for the first few weeks and they are much less likely to float out of the pot than if you immediately put them in very deep water. Let them grab the soil in shallow water and once they have a good footing after 2-3 weeks then you can move the pot lower.

Marginal / Shelf Plants may come in small plastic nursery pots or even a few of them out of deep cell trays root bound as seen below ready to go into a much larger container immediately on arrival. Plant them in the new full size growing pot with loam soil BEFORE setting them in the shade for 3-7 days in indirect sunlight to the final placement in your water garden.

Nursery Plants in Spring

The early season nursery plants specialize in the winter hardy varieties of plants that we sell. Hardy bog plants like Forget Me Nots, as well as some of the hardy red waterlilies that don't care for extreme heat in the south.

Our southern greenhouse specializes in getting our early plants ready to ship along with our tropical plants, annual waterlilies, oxygenating plants and floating varieties.


Our lotus are shipped from the Alabama Lotus farm, where they are grown under strict growing conditions to insure your lotus is true to name. They are bruise free, disease free, and grown right here in the USA! Lotus are shipped from March through May each year. Growing your lotus from tubers allows your lotus to grow and bloom the very first year! We send explicit directions with our plants, helping you to grow the best plants possible!


Some plants come bunched and or bare root. The submerged plants do not need acclimated they can be planted and put in the pond right away. Many of these with the exception of vallisneria are bunched cuttings. We suggest removing rubber bands and planting in sand or loam soil.

Vallisneria also is planted the same way but will come as an individual plant like a small onion.

Floating plants need to be acclimated in the shade for 3 days after coming out of the box. Roots down, foliage up in some pond water in a bowl, bucket or small tote of pond water. The north side of the house or other indirect (outdoor light) is great. Never keep them inside which is far too little light to acclimate them for the pond. After 3 days they should be strong enough to take on direct sunlight without wilting and can then be moved to the pond.

Floating Pond Plants


    We hope you enjoy your shopping experience at PondMegastore.com!  

      We have handpicked plant specimens that we know will grace the borders of your pond as well as ones that will grow beautifully in the water. Just take a look at the petal count on award winning hybridizer,   Tony Moore's waterlilies--from Razzberry to Citrus Twist. The flowers are extraordinary and grow beautifully and are winter hardy to boot! The hardy waterlilies and annuals get more beautiful each season and the intersubgenerics (a cross between a hardy and a tropical waterlily) are simply amazing! The color on Detective Erika, an intersubgeneric from award winning hybridizer, Zijun Li, is without rival. The vintage, old standbys are exquisite and reliable.

    Our lotus are some of the most dazzling specimens offered anywhere and we are proud to say they are grown right here in the USA, by Laura Bancroft! Exquisite, classic white lotus for your Zen garden or lively, brilliant red, ruffled petals to add beauty and elegance to your terrace, balcony or pond. Soft, subtle, pink and white sacred lotus are right here! Bright, bold and commanding lotus growing to 5' tall and taller, are here as well. (Consult our sister site Pondlotus.com for lots of information regarding lotus and how to grow them).

    Our collection of pond plants are gathered from around the world to add drama and excitement to your water garden setting! Black Coral Taro, Mojito Taro, Dwarf Giant Papyrus, Bengal Tiger Canna and others, add an exotic vibe to your water garden feature!

      We have edible pond plants like bloody dock, water celery, lotus, taro, aquatic mint, lemon bacopa and neptunia aquatica, to name a few.

Whatever it takes to make your water garden 'special', we have it here at Pondmegastore.com
We sell Loam Soil and Fabric Growing Pots under the PondGro label as well as Fish Safe WaterlilyWorld Fertilizer Tablets.






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