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Beautiful Planting Ideas for Natural Swimming Pools

Natural Swimming Pools

Natural swimming pools are beautiful additions to your home. They are often less expensive to use than traditional pools since there are no chemicals to add. No rectangular, chlorine filled pool--but natural looking, beautifully shaped, with curved edges and beautifully landscaped margins. They may include rocks, waterfalls and boulders, as well.

Just imagine, no harsh chemicals, no burning eyes from chlorine. . .just sweet, fresh crystal-clear water! It is possible with a  natural swimming pool. Once you have created this self-cleaning, ecosystem with good bacteria and plants that will act as your biological filter. 

Natural swimming pools are much more beautiful to look at in your landscape. They can be lined with rubber, polyethylene or concrete. There are different, natural finishes that can add to the ambience of a natural pool, like a pebble finish. The swimming area is usually kept separate from the aquatic plants, which are your biological filter, a waterfall will help with aeration and a skimmer will collect any larger debris that may fall into the water. A UV light may be used to kill any bacteria. 

We have gathered some information for you to enjoy the aesthetically pleasing swimming pool as well as plants that grace the outlines and shallow areas of the pool with exquisite foliage and sumptuous blooms. Plants like crystal ball and creeping jenny can be planted to wind their way down a waterfall, while lotus can be planted in shallow pots in areas of shallow water in your natural swimming pool. Hibiscus can be planted in pots and placed amid the rocks, in full sun, to add late season color and papyrus and umbrella palm can add a tropical touch! Cannas can be placed in shallow pots around the pool with up to an inch of water over the top of the pot. Creeping Jenny can cover the tops of the pots on taller specimens, to keep a natural look!

Waterlilies can be placed in full sun in pots 1-3' beneath the surface of the water, as long as there is no splashing water on the plants themselves. Sometimes natural swimming pools have areas that are cordoned off for plants. We strongly suggest that you use fabric planting bags for these areas and use a clay, aquatic planting medium along with slow release fertilizer. 

Often times, natural swimming pools allow the water to run through a biofilter before being recirculated back into the pool. We strongly recommend that you place plants like canna, iris, pickerel rush or other strong bog plants in your biofilter to help pull nutrients and impurities from the water.  

Natural swimming pools often have concrete bottoms just like regular swimming pools, they just look natural. They can be completely chemical free. clean and clear, simply by using plants, a UV light, small waterfall and good bacteria. Natural swimming pools/ponds  are much 'greener' as they don't use harsh chemicals, instead , a natural pool is more in line with nature!

Natural Swimming pools/ponds are completely chemical free--a healthy and eco-friendly option from traditional chlorine. 

Some points to consider are:

1.) Water levels will have to be maintained

2.) Bottom of pond will have to be cleaned

3.) Plants will have to be trimmed so they do not become too large

4.) The planting area should be about as large as the pool itself, as it will be your biofilter

5.) Do not build your natural pool near large trees

6.) Carefully consider the shape of your natural pool, slope of the land and where you will place your skimmer

7.) Consider a black liner for your natural swimming pool as it will draw warmth from the sun

8.) An underground filter will help with any algae issues you may have

9.) You CAN convert your existing, chlorinated pool to a natural pond

10.) Natural swimming pools/ponds are environmentally friendly and offer you a natural alternative to chlorine, salt or ozone swimming pools. The maintenance costs associated with natural swimming pools/ponds are much less than the other options.

We think you can enjoy the benefits of a backyard pool/pond. Our plants can be the perfect solution to all of your biofilter needs. 

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