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Pond Pumps

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  • Buy Tadpoles and Pond Snails (4)
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 Convenient and Easy To Use!  Thermometer   This is a very helpful pond thermometer, has an easy view window that allows you to easily see the water temperature. This helps you to decide when to begin and when to quit feeding your fish along with when to start and stop...
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Microbe-Lift Sludge Away 32 oz Microbe-Lift Sludge Away is an incredible product that is organic and microbial based, and the ingredients are 100% active. It readily speeds up the removal of organic sludge from the bottom of your pond, helping to improve pond clarity. It disperses quickly and is safe...
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Save 43%
Laguna Floating Fish Ring Feeder   A feeding station that floats on the surface of the water and helps to prevent over feeding. Also bring fish to desired area of the pond for better viewing. Feeder is easily anchored to the bottom or side of pond. 
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Easy Pick Up pond pliers, Reaches to 4 to 6 feet! Highlights Long-reaching telescopic grip for convenient pond maintenance Extend your reach to over 6 feet to remove pond debris or adjust small items Convenient gripping heads for different objects  Ergonomic Trigger Grip Handle with Lock Sliding Shaft Grip 3-Step Telescopic Shaft (locks into place...
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$27.00 - $79.00
Atlantic Ultra Pond Net Atlantic Ultra Pond Net is a perfect way to protect your pond from falling debris. Helps to keep your pond cleaner by keeping debris and leaves from falling in you pond. Atlantic Ultra Pond Net is: Rugged, heavy-duty pond netting Made from woven polypropylene UV light protected,...
Easy to Use!  Summit Mosquito Bits 8 oz Natural and organic, no poisons. Kills mosquito larvae in the pond within 24 hours. 4 oz. treats 1000 sq. ft. Prevent marshy areas from becoming mosquito breeding grounds. . .just sprinkle Mosquito Bits (Quick Kill) in order to quickly annihilate the larval...
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Save 14%
Pond Gloves, Size Men's Large / Ladies X-Large Designed for water gardening, pond and pool maintenance. 26" long, waterproof, nitrile coated pond gloves with comfortable cotton lining. Rough finished palm for better grip. For ease of picking up pond plants, containers, pond snails and moving water garden plants. Machine washable.These...
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Heron Decoy   Heron's are a territorial bird, the decoy is a deterrent from the real birds landing in the area. Heron Decoy can be placed near your pond or water feature and it will frighten other Heron away, keeping your goldfish and koi safe from the Herons eating them....
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Save 20%
Pond Boss Pond Skins Pro Liner 13 feet x 20 feet: 20 year limited warranty, the same as the older EPDM liner. Much lighter weight than EPDM liner.  Recommended for ponds up to 1200 gallons. This new durable Pond Liner is reinforced with a sturdy, but lightweight mesh weave. It is easily...
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$24.50 - $163.00
Green Clean Algaecide This EPA registered Green Clean Algaecide works on contact, breaking down algae cells to eliminate algae.  GreenClean Algaecide is a contact algaecide in granular form and works by oxidation reaction to break down algae cells. Pets, Plants and Fish safe GreenClean Algaecide may be used in water containing fish...
Save 14%
25 watt Replacement UV Bulb for Savio Skimmerfilter Replace UV Bulb Every 12-14 Months of Use Lift skimmer lid, the clear transformer cap glow informs you the lamp is on. Highest quality quartz for optimum UltraViolet Transmission The longest lamp life on the market at 14 months of life. Easy maintenance...
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Save 35%
$57.50 - $173.00
Dainichi Growth Plus, Koi Food  Dainichi Growth Plus, Koi Food is an amazing blend of fish protein that help enhance koi color and growth. Contains white fish, krill and shrimp with a flavor-enhanced coating along with montmorillonite clay and uncooked digestive enzymes which make it easy to digest. Plus, this...
Save 15%
$16.95 - $179.95
Blue Ridge Growth Fish Food Blue Ridge Growth Fish Food is a fish food that is specially formulated for maximum growth in your fish with minimal waste. May be used all year long, in all temperatures. Blue Ridge Growth Fish Food meets the nutritional needs of your fish by providing: Crude Protein...
Microbe-Lift Sabbactisun is used to treat bacterial diseases in the water. It is natural and works by aiding and stimulating the immune system in the fish as well as ridding the host fish of parasites. Microbe-Lift Sabbactisun is an excellent treatment for: Bacterial dropsy Fungus Tail Rot Bulging eyes Raised scales Ulcers...
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$29.50 - $64.50
Microbe- Lift TheraP                                                                                               1...
Save 17%
Microbe-Lift HC High Count Formula is great for use in large ponds and lakes!Four times the concentration of Microbe Lift PL and only a few dollars more! Microbe-Lift HC is four times as strong as Microbe-lift PL. It is like getting four times the product in one bottle! Microbe-Lift HC...
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$157.00 - $235.00
Easy Pro Submersible Magnetic Drive Pumps 1350 to 3200 GPH (Choose size) Easy Pro Submersible Magnetic Drive Pumps are simply outstanding with rugged, durable features: Quiet, energy efficient mag drive motors Fish safe, Epoxy filled motors--NO OIL! Foam Pre-filter Threaded discharge ports on all pumps for easy fitting connection Easy...
Save 13%
Easy Pro 9700 GPH Large Magnetic Drive Pumps Easy Pro 9700 GPH Large Magnetic Drive Pump is energy efficient, has simultaneous, asynchronous action with a magnetic drive pump that can handle high volume in a compact design. Features: Runs vertically as well as horizontally Removable pre-filter screen Fish safe-no oil...
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$24.95 - $79.95
Microbe-Lift Autumn/Winter Prep  Developed for use in cold water, Microbe-Lift Autumn/Winter Prep is specially formulated for pond winterization.  Microbe-Lift Autumn/Winter Prep helps to speed up the decomposition of leaves, sediment, scum, debris and other organic matter during the fall and winter months. Microbe-Lift Autumn/Winter Prep will also help to get...
Save 17%
treatAtlantic NEW TRITON3 Triton Ionizer Atlantic has launched an ALL NEW Triton Ionizer, TRITON3 to the water garden industry! TRITON3 is a new Triton Ionizer that is safe for plants and animals and is not affected by the sun or heat. The modular design and Award Winning Triton Check Valve is...
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Save 3%
Easy Pro Stainless Steel 6000 GPH 115v Pump Easy Pro Stainless Steel 6000 GPH 115v Pumps are one of the very best pumps on the market. An excellent choice for waterfalls, fountains and other water features. These pumps are used with confidence throughout North America in numerous, continuous duty applications...
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Save 8%
Easy Pro 8000 GPH 115v TB 'High Head' Series Pump Easy Pro 8000 GPH 115v TB 'High Head' Series Pump is an outstanding choice for water features above 20'. Easy Pro 8000 GPH 115v TB 'High Head' Series Pump provides: Thermal overload protection Optimum quality Japanese double mechanical seals 230v...
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$569.00 - $1,065.00
Easy Pro 'High Head' Series The Easy Pro 'High Head' Series Pumps are an excellent choice for water features above 20', as they are designed for use with high head pressure. Easy Pro 'High Head' Pumps provide: Thermal overload protection Excellent quality Japanese double mechanical seals 230 volt (1 HP...
$750.00 - $1,125.00
Easy Pro 'Low Head' Series Pump Easy Pro 'Low Head' Series Pumps are ideal for low to medium head waterfalls and streams. 'Low Head' Easy Pro Pumps provide:   Thermal overload protection Great quality, Japanese double mechanical seals for extended life Maximum volume in a compact design allows for use...
$64.00 - $114.00
Mean Green Algae Team This algae fighting combo really packs a punch! The Mean Green Algae Team is a combination of GreenClean Algaecide and Microbe-Lift PL. Knocks out algae with a one-two punch! 1.) GreenClean Algaecide is great for killing and preventing algae. 2.) Microbe-Lift PL helps to break down...
Save 20%
Atlantic Set of Four Spotlight Pack SOLW2 with SOL20X4 Whether it is used for your water feature or for your landscape, this Atlantic Set of Four Spotlight Pack adds beauty and drama to your landscape or water garden setting.  Combo Pack Includes: 4 Pack Spotlights8 Watts , 45 degree angle 30...
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Save 27%
Atlantic 3 Pack SOL LED Pond Lights with Transformer Your water feature can be amazing day and night with this fun, economical, easy to install LED lighting system! May be used in our out of the water! Atlantic 3 Pack SOL LED Pond Lights with Transformer has: Energy efficient technology bulb...
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Save 20%
Atlantic SOL Color Changing Lighting Combo Pack Add color and drama to your water garden feature this year! This color changing, lighting combo pack from Atlantic is amazing. Model No. SOLCC2X3 Set of 3 Compact Spotlights 12 volt AC operation 3 - 7.5 watts(variable) 45 Degree beam angle Combo Pack...
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57 watt UV replacement Bulb  Easy twist cap makes for easy quartz sleeve maintenance. Just one cap to twist for access to the quartz sleeve. Quick release tees for easy installation and weatherization. Lamp is positioned in the housing for maximum ultraviolet effectiveness. Slender housing design allows for higher ultraviolet dosage. The unit...
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Save 14%
Aqua Ultraviolet 57 watt Savio Skimmerfilter Lamp has 14 months of life (longest lamp life on the market) Optimum UV transmission using highest quality quartz Easy to replace and maintain with four pin lamp connection on one end Transformer cap glows to indicate when your lamp is on, when lid...
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Save 14%
Aqua Ultraviolet 25 watt UV light unit for Savio Skimmerfilter Tremendous value and quality with Aqua Ultraviolet 25 watt Savio Skimmerfilter 14 months of light (lamp life is the longest on the market) Optimum UV transmission using highest quality quartz Transformer cap glows when UV lamp is on when you...
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Savio Skimmerfilter Replacement Basket Heavy-duty, black,  Savio Skimmerfilter Replacement Basket fits in standard size Savio skimmerfilter. Helps to keep pond clean and clear of debris. Installs in minutes.
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