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Microbe-Lift HC 'Microbe-Lift 'High Count Formula'

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Microbe-Lift HC Formula

Microbe-Lift High Count Formula is great for use in large ponds and lakes!
Four times the concentration of Microbe Lift PL and only a few dollars more!

Microbe-Lift HC is four times as strong as Microbe-lift PL. It is like getting four times the product in one bottle! Microbe-Lift HC goes to work on contact, getting to work at eliminating odors and the production of toxic gases! Helps to improve dissolved oxygen levels as well. Removes organic materials, sludge and slime that are slow to degrade and also removes Nitrate through denitrification, helps to remove ammonia, which is essential for good pond health! Microbe-Lift HC helps to reduce the buildup of organic matter. Safe, beneficial bacteria helps to break down algae for clearer and healthier ponds! 

  • Safe for all wildlife in and around the pond
  • One Gallon Size treats a 10,000 gallon pond for eight months
  • Follow Dosing Instructions


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