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What Are The Best Plants To Help Filter Impurities From The Pond?

What are the best plants to help filter impurities from the pond?

 Here is a list of clear water plants:

  • Water Iris-Water Iris are known to be one of the best aquatic plants to remove toxins from the water in your pond or water garden. Iris add a splash of color to the pond in early spring when other plants are not yet blooming. 
  • Taro-Taro roots have a large surface area to help take up nutrients from the water. Taro come in many varieties to add showy leaves and the WOW factor to your pond.
  • Canna-Canna come in many varieties and adds beauty, color and interest, while helping to remove nutrients, heavy metals and toxins from the water in your pond.
  • Pickerel Rush-Pickerel Rush is a staple in the water garden world. Pickerel Rush is a tall and stately plant with striking foliage and bottle brush flowers in pink, blue and white. Pickerel Rush will definitely help to clean and purify the water in your pond, water garden or bio-filter.
  • Watercress-Watercress does an amazing job of cleaning impurities from the pond, is edible and is a lovely green plant that adds texture and interest to your water garden.
  • Water Celery-Water Celery is a lovely marginal pond plant with light green, cream and subtle pink coloration. It does a good job of cleaning the water of toxins and extra nutrients in your pond.
  • Water Hyacinths-Water Hyacinths are a true floating plant with thick, bulbous, emerald- green foliage and heavenly lavender flowers. The water hyacinths do an amazing job of pulling toxins, impurities, sediment and extra nutrients from the water
  • Water Lettuce-Water Lettuce is another true floating plant that helps to purify your pond water. Green rosettes float effortlessly across the surface of the water adding texture and interest while cleaning the impurities from the water.
  • Hornwort-Hornwort is an oxygenator that grows beneath the surface of the water. Hornwort aids in algae elimination by taking up extra nutrients from the water, helping to starve out algae and by also emitting a hormone to inhibit algae growth.

These plants are just a few of the plants we sell at PondMegaStore that help to clean and filter the water of your pond. 

We think that plants are the best way to maintain clear, healthy water. Biological filters maintain good water quality by breaking down harmful ammonia from fish waste and nitrites from decaying plant matter. Biological filters turn these into nitrates but do not remove the nitrates from the water. Nitrates are the major factor in aggressive algae growth (the nasty, pea-green soupy water or blanketweed, which is equally as nasty). Plants are the safest and most effective way of eliminating the nitrates from the water. Plants feed on the very same nutrients as algae. Plants remove nitrates and phosphates from the water leaving less for the algae to consume.

Water Hyacinths and Water Lettuce shade the water as well as taking up extra nutrients from the water.

Hornwort is an oxygenator that takes up nutrients from the water and grows beneath the surface of the water. It aids in the elimination of algae and adds oxygen to the water as well. 

Passing water around the roots of marginal plants like iris, taro, canna, pickerel rush, and watercress cause the rapid uptake of nitrates and other nutrients and thus starve out the algae. 

When your water quality is good, there is less stress on your fish.

Good water quality is free of decaying matter, toxic pollutants such as nitrates and ammonia. Your water should be buffered with carbonates for a good pH level between 7 and 8. 

Plants will definitely improve the water quality in your pond. Enjoy!


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