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Information Regarding Planting Water Garden Plants, Soils, Containers,

We want to help you grow the very best water garden plants.

Take a peek at our planting instructions. 

  • Please note what NOT to do under each type of plant as there is a lot of misinformation on the internet regarding pond plants.
  • Report any signs of stress or damage to plants to us immediately and we can help you to be sure that they are going to be ok. Issues should be addressed ASAP. 

How to Plant Hardy Perennial Water Lilies

1.) Choose a wide, shallow container for your waterlily. The wider the container, the larger your waterlily will grow and you will also have more blooms

2.) Fill 2/3 of your wide, shallow container with a heavy loam soil mixed with pool filter sand.

Mix together

  • 2/3 Loam Topsoil 
  • 1/3 Pool Filter Sand

When mixed with a little water it should form a clump in your hand when you grab it!


Loam Topsoil can be purchased from Lowe's or Home Depot for $2-3.00 a bag--stay away from brands like Scott's or Miracle-Gro as they have added nutrients and too much composted materials.

Pool Filter Sand can be purchased wherever pool supplies are sold. Pool Filter Sand has larger granules than regular sand and is pre-rinsed.

(If you plan to use Landon Fertilizer, add it to the bottom 2/3 of the soil mixture in your container. Keep the top 1/3 of the soil without fertilizer as it is 'hot' and will burn new growth on the plant

3.) Hardy water lilies grow horizontally-- so place the rhizome on the side of the container with the crown of the plant facing the center, so that your water lily can grow across the container

4.) You may now fill the remaining 1/3 of your container with your heavy loam soil mixture and press down on the surface of the soil to remove any air from the soil.

5.) Gently place your newly planted, potted water lily in the water with 6-24 inches of water over the pot. Your waterlily plant must be completely submerged. You may use bricks or blocks to raise the level of the container if necessary. Most water lilies need at least 5+ hours of direct sunlight to grow and bloom. 

Some DO'S and DON'TS regarding Aquatic Garden Soil

  • Do mix 2/3 loam top soil with 1/3 Pool Filter Sand to create an aquatic soil for waterlilies, lotus and aquatic plants.
  • Don't use 100% calcined clay as there is no nutritional value.
  • Don't use Potting Soil as it is light and will float right out of the pot. Potting Soil also has organic material that will rot and foul your water.
  • Don't use stones as they will inhibit the growth of your plants.
  • Don't use composted materials as they will rot and foul your water.
  • Do Not purchase API Aquatic Planting Media or Microbelift Aquatic Planting Media as these are NOT suitable for waterlilies, lotus or most aquatic plants. They are ONLY suitable for submerged grasses.

Bog Plants (Wetland Plants) prefer poor, acidic soil.





How to Plant Annual / Tropical Water Lilies

     *Growing Austrailian Tropical Waterlilies: Rich Sacher Method

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What is the right kind of soil to use when potting water garden plants?

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What kind of fertilizer is made for aquatic pond plants and is it safe to use with fish, frogs, and pond snails? 

- Waterlily World Pond Tablets
- Landon Granular Fertilizer


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