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New Products and Items From Pondmegastore

New Products and Items From Pondmegastore

April 2018

*Koi Fish Ornaments

 Exquisite, hand blown, hand painted, 6" koi fish ornaments from Poland. Several patterns and colors including:

     1.) Koi Fish/Shiru Utsuri (Black and White Fish)

     2.) Koi Fish/Kohaku Version (Orange and White Fish)

     3.) Koi Fish/Taisho Sanke (Orange, Black and White Fish)

     4.) Koi Fish/Tancho Koi (Black and White with Red Dot on Head)

     5.) Koi Fish/Tancho Koi (All White with Red Dot on Head) 

Perfect as gifts as they are unique, unusual and hand made in Europe--each old world ornament is a work of art, hand blown then hand painted and simply spectacular for someone who appreciates Koi or as a special gift for yourself!

*New Waterlilies

     1.) Sparkler Waterlily from hybridizer, Tony Moore of Ohio 

     2.) Detective Erica Waterlily from hybridizer, Zijun-Li from China

     3.) Jakkaphong Waterlily from hybridizer, Jakkaphong Sung-ngam of Thailand 

     4.) Galaxy Waterlily from hybridizer, Ao Weerada of Thailand

     5.) Plyfah Waterlily is a hybrid of Chaiwapon 'Tong' Tamasuwan of Thailand

     6.) Poonsup Waterlily is a hybrid of Chaiwapon 'Tong' Tamasuwan

     7.) Suwanna Hybrid is from hybridizer, Ao Weerda

*New Oxygenators and Marginals

     1.) Primrose Creeper

     2.) Arrowhead 'Fantastic'

     3.) Australian Jumping Violets

     4.) Red Stem Arrowhead

     5.) Pitcher Plants (Scarlett Bell or Judith Kindle)

     6.) Iris Laevigata Variegata


       Waterlily World  Fertilizer Tabbs

*Artificial Waterlilies and Lotus

       Beautiful Silk Stems and Floating Waterlilies for  koi ponds or special events of cultural                         significance 



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