Arrowhead (Native Sagittaria Latifolia ) Also known as Duck Potato / K– Pond Megastore

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Arrowhead (Native Sagittaria Latifolia )
Also known as Duck Potato / Katniss

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Arrowhead or Sagittaria Latifolia is another mainstay of the water garden with its medium-green, arrowhead shaped foliage. A hardy plant in the north, Arrowhead grows well in moist soil or in shallow water and has fibrous roots that produce edible tubers. Tiny, white, tri-petal flowers with yellow centers, bloom on bracts or flowering stems. Native Americans relied on Arrowhead plants for a portion of their diets, often using the tubers in the same way that we use potatoes. This is a captivating plant with handsome foliage and a nice addition to your pond or water garden feature. Arrowhead grows to 3 feet tall. Winter hardy in zones 3 - 11  Looks spectacular in containers! (Arrowhead is also called Duck Potato, Broadleaf Arrowhead or Wapato)The corms are edible and a favorite treat for many ducks! Arrowhead (Sagittaria Latifolia) is only one of many plants for ponds at Pondmegastore

Height    Mature plants grow 1 - 3 feet tall

Spread    Mature plants have a 1 - 2 foot spread

Bloom    July, August, September

Light Requirements    Full sun to part shade (more bloom in full sun)

Water    Requires very wet conditions with water above the roots

Zone    Hardiness zones are 3 - 11

Planting Instructions

 Arrowhead grows best in full sun to part shade with shallow water (up to  6 inches) over the roots or in moist, loamy soil. Plants will naturalize by corm or self seed. Plants flower more when planted in full sun. Plant in wide containers (minimum 10 inches in diameter) using heavy loam soil and place in the pond with up to 6 inches of water above the soil. (Large fabric planters are ideal for Arrowhead plants)

Pond plants thrive when you feed them once a month, June through September, with aquatic plant fertilizer tabs. We recommend and sell Waterlily World Fertilizer Tabs + Humates for optimum growth and best bloom!


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