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Glorious Purpose, water canna (Dwarf 10-15 inches tall)

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Glorious Purpose is a new dwarf bright yellow canna. Growing just 15 inches tall it is well suited for both gardens with adequate watering and also ledges or streams in a pond. 

When Planting  canna in a pond make sure only the roots are submerged. Fabric containers are better than solid pots as the roots like plenty of oxygen. 

Fertilize these beautiful plants during summer with 3 or 4 Waterlily World tablets into the soil or medium around them. 

We suggest an 8 to 14 inch wide fabric pot on a plant shelf so the cannas can spread and multiply for that bouquet look. 

Winter Hardy in zones 7-12

Bring indoors and treat as a houseplant further north or store dry rhizomes in an bag of peat in a dark cool place for winter months. Replant when days are 80 or better. 


These will also grow in well watered gardens.

Do not submerged more than the roots as it would drown the canna. They prefer rich thick loam soil , sunny area as possible, and regular fertilizer with tabs. Fertilizer and removing spent flower extend the blooming from June to late September or longer in the south. 

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