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Microbe-Lift Spring and Summer Cleaner

Pond Plants, Water Lilies, & Live goods ship in Spring & Summer during your proper growing seasons. Check by email for availability to ship other times of the year.

Microbe-Lift Spring and Summer Cleaner

Microbe-Lift Spring and Summer Cleaner is safe, non-toxic and non-caustic. This is not a chemical, it is 100 % natural and safe for humans, pets, plants and fish.This pre-measured product helps jump start your pond spring cleaning by reducing the build up of sediment and dead plant debris. This product speeds up the breakdown of organic waste with cellulase enzymes and hyper cellulase-producing bacteria. A great way to start your pond season!

Pondmegastore Tip: Once the weather turns to spring, clean as much of the debris from your pond by hand-- leaves, twigs, any decaying matter that you can see should be removed. Then add the recommended dose of Microbe-Lift Spring and Summer Cleaner to help reduce the organic waste from your pond. Add plants like Hornwort, Marsh Marigold, Water Hawthorne, Bog Bean and Golden Club, these cool weather plants will to help remove algae causing nutrients as well as helping to take up heavy metals from your pond until your warm water plants are growing again. 

Microbe-Lift Spring and Summer Cleaner:

  • Compatible with all other Microbe-Lift products.
  • Works best when water temperatures are above 50-55 F degrees
  • Environmentally Friendly, safe for fish and plants

    Spring/Summer Cleaner Application Rates
    Pond Size  1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 4th Week
    80 - 500 gallons 1 bag 1 bag 1 bag 1 bag
    501 - 1,000 gallons 2 bags 1 bag 2 bags 1 bags
    1,001 - 1,500 gallons 2 bags 2 bags 2 bags 2 bags
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