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Microbe- Lift TheraP, Pond Fish’s Immune Support

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Microbe- Lift TheraP                                                                                               1 Gallon Size

Microbe-Lift TheraP Helps to improve fish health by:

  • Helps support a healthy immune system for fish
  • Reducing environmental stress 
  • Improves water quality
  • Helps to break down uneaten fish food
  • Helps to reduce nitrates
  • Helps to eliminate noxious odors
  • Breaks down and digests fish waste
  • Improves dissolved oxygen levels
  • Aids in gas exchange and respiration
  • Helps to seed biological filters

 Microbe-Lift TheraP also helps to provide and maintain a natural ecosystem for your pond and is compatible with all pond flora

Safe for plants, fish and all animals around the pond

One quart size treats a 200 gallon pond for 10 months

or a 1,000 gallon pond for 2 months

1 Gallon

  • 1 gallon Treats 5,000 gallon pond for 21 months

 Microbe-Lift TheraP works in cold water with both native and wild fish species.




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