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Pond Plants, Water Lilies, & Live goods ship in Spring & Summer during your proper growing seasons. Check by email for availability to ship other times of the year.

PondGrow Planting Containers, designed by PondMegastore Nursery!


The PondGrow Planting Containers deliver oxygen to the ROOTS and is the only fabric planter with handles MADE FOR WATER USE!
Double Stitched Handles on our PondGrow Container makes lowering these pots slowly into the pond much easier.

Also the height on these aquatic fabric pots are adjustable. If you need to fold or roll down the side a little because your shelf is shallow-- PondGrow Containers make that possible!

ALL water plants with the exception of LOTUS and CATTAILS should be planted in aquatic fabric pots.
Why? Aquatic plants need oxygen at the root level.
Soild containers prevent oxygen from getting below the surface and cause very slow growth and sometimes root rot.

Plant baskets are expensive to ship and easily crack and break. They also allow loam soil to escape from the basket-- which causes homeowners to incorrectly use gravel  instead of sandy loam soil. 

This year plant your plants properly, if you have a pond with a liner, use PondGrow Containers using sandy loam soil. If you have a natural, earth bottom pond, pots are not needed and you can plant your pond plants directly into the soil of the pond, making sure that you are planting at the correct planting depth. 

 You should make sure the pot is heavy enough to withstand wind so the plant will not blow over. If you have tall plants standing above the water, consider the taller planter. Your pot should be 25-30% of your plants full grown height to be heavy enough to not blow over in the wind. So a plant which will be growing to 4 feet tall ( that is 48 inches in height) should be in a pot 12 or more inches deep with soil.

We have four sizes of PondGrow Containers available: 

  • The Small PondGrow Container may be used for submerged, oxygenating grasses, tropical waterlilies and ground cover plants growing no more than 18 inches tall.
  • The Medium PondGrow Container is for small and medium hardy water lilies, it can be used for many marginal plants up to about four feet tall, and also large sections of submerged plants. This PondGrow Container is good for almost anything. 
  • The Large, wide and shallow PondGrow Container that is 15.5 inches across is for our large, hardy waterlilies. They grow sideways very fast and you need a very wide pot or they will stop blooming in the middle of your first season. 
  • We also have a Super PondGrow Container. This one is about 24 inches across and has four handles, so two people can carry it into the pond. This is a specimen pot for multiple waterlilies or for one Victoria Waterlily. 
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