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Reine Du Ball
Bell of the Ball
Winter Hardy Waterlily

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Reine Du Ball or The Bell of the Ball , a is a deep red goblet shaped waterlily is a showstopper. It is a modestly good bloomer even for us here in the south when given full sun, ample growing room and regularly fertilized. Ships Spring & Summer!

It is a medium size hardy waterlily best at 6 inches to 18 inches in depth. Full sun or a minimum of 7 hours direct full sunlight for good blooming. 

Plant Reine Du Ball in a 12 inch or wider container, 14 inches or better preferred and divide rhizomes annually each spring to encourage more blooming. 

Use heavy loam topsoil from your yard or out website, nothing from the store with compost that rots in the water. Do not let your waterlilies be blocked by shade of other plants in the pond and they do best with goldfish or minnows but not koi over 8 inches as those will uproot and eat waterlilies. Never use stones with waterlilies as that retards growth and kills replanted new plants. Hardy in all zones.
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