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Variegated Celery
The BEST filtering bog plant!

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'Flamingo' Variegated Celery, also called Java Dropwort, is a perennial plant that has lovely, tri-colored aquatic foliage in shades of cream, pink and green. Grows quickly with a low growing, running spread and grows to 12 inches tall. Adorned with lovely, dainty white flowers in mid-summer, Variegated Celery winds its way throughout the rockery and spreads rapidly along the edges of streams, ponds and waterfalls and is considered one of the very best plants for water filtration and clarity. Great for bog filters! Latin name: (Oenanthe Javanica 'Flamingo')


Height  Grows 8 - 12 inches tall

Width  Spreads quickly, at least 8 - 12 inch spread

Sunlight Requirements  Full sun/ full shade (Blooms better in full sun)

Moisture Requirements  Wet, must be placed with top of pot 1 - 6 inches beneath the surface of the water

Zone  Hardy in zones 5 - 12



Plant Flamingo Variegated Celery in small pots or small fabric planting containers using heavy loam soil and place up to 6 inches beneath the surface of the water, in full sun to full shade. Variegated Celery loves being planted in stream beds and will do ok in very small pea gravel if water is gently moving at the base of the plant, such as in a creek or stream. This amazing plant is fantastic for your bog filter and will help to remove nutrients, heavy metals and other undesirable elements from your water before it is recirculated back into your pond.


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